Taser Trained Officers

PFOA membership is now available to Taser Officers including members of the Special Constabulary who are Taser Trained 

The PFOA Trustees have agreed that Taser officers could benefit from the additional support offered by the PFOA, both to the officers and their families. It was felt that membership should be extended to Taser officers for a number of reasons:

A. Taser Officers are subjected to post incident investigations after discharging the Taser
B. Taser Officers often deploy alongside Firearms Officers
C. Recent events have demonstrated the pressure on Taser Officers and their families when persons are seriously injured or die following the discharge
D. Many Taser Officers will become Firearms Officers. By offering them the opportunity to join the PFOA this may help reassure and encourage men and women to volunteer
E. Larger membership means we can provide more support and services to officers and their families.

We already have issuing officers, armourers, dog handlers, specials and support staff who are members. This move is a natural progression for us to make as an organisation.

To join please call the office on 01354 697890 or subscribe online from here


Every Police Force in the UK and Channel Islands has a Firearms Unit. These units consist of men and women who are qualified Police Officers first and foremost, having completed a minimum of two years 'on the beat'. They will then complete an initial firearms course ( IFC) to become Authorised Firearms Officers.

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