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Dedicated to supporting UK Police Firearms Officers and their families, managed by serving and retired Officers with many years of experience we know what you are going through on a day to day basis and are ready to help when you need us.

Anyone involved in Armed Policing & Taser Officers can join.

You can join us today and become part of a unique Association that really cares for those who are prepared to take on the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm, or making decisions within the command structure of firearms operations. Our members include AFOs, SFC, TFC, OFC, Tac Adv, PIMs, Issuing officers, Support Dog Handlers, hostage negotiators, including former and retired officers. 

You must be involved in Policing within the UK or affiliated agencies to be a member of the PFOA . If you are in doubt of your eligibility, Please Contact Us prior to attempting to join. Applications not meeting our criteria will not be actioned

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Every Police Force in the UK and Channel Islands has a Firearms Unit. These units consist of men and women who are qualified Police Officers first and foremost, having completed a minimum of two years 'on the beat'. They will then complete an initial firearms course ( IFC) to become Authorised Firearms Officers.

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