Examples of Support
One of the main aims of the PFOA is to ensure that families of Firearms Officers are looked after following an incident at work which may cause an officer or his/her family worry or distress. Sadly its a fact of life that much of our learning comes from those that have already suffered.

We will give you and your family a choice. We have alternative methods of support, not just counselling. We want you to be comfortable with who you speak with, where you speak with them, and when you speak with them.

These are just a few examples of support we have given  - There are many more! You will see that most of the support we give is for events that cause distress to colleagues and their families, and in some cases results in the officers being removed from Ops. We aim to get our members back to work asap and to ensure their families are cared for.

Officer Involved in a fatal shooting

PFOA assisted by offering counselling/coaching support to officer’s family. A respite break was granted to allow the officer and his family to get away and spend some valuable time together as a family unit.

Officer suffering from a hereditary illness preventing him from training and keeping active

The PFOA purchased a new cross trainer and have loaned this to the officer to enable him to remain active and hopefully return to Ops.

Officer had responsibility of caring for terminally ill close relative

PFOA contacted and gave immediate NLP Coaching support (within 48hours)

Officer involved in a traumatic fatal incident whilst off duty where he and his partner were affected

PFOA arranged for officer and his partner to get away for a few days immediately (within 48 hours)

Officer involved in a traumatic incident at work that caused much stress and anxiety resulting in him being off Operational duties

PFOA arranged for a specialist counsellor to see officer within 3 days (officer back at work now)

Officer had a problem with his feet, which caused pain and discomfort that resulted in him being unable to pass fitness test and being taken off ops

PFOA provided funds for additional private physio and some specially made inserts for his boots - Officer back on Ops!

Officers father suffering from terminal cancer - officer was travelling 100s of miles each week to visit

PFOA assisted financially with travel costs and for the officer to take his father out

Family day for Firearms Units

We fund the children’s entertainment and catering. We also talk to the partners and families of officers.

Officers involved in Inquests

PFOA arranges support for the officers involved prior to the Inquest and after by way of a respite breaks and NLP Coaching or Counselling.

Officer having confidence problems with classification shoot

NLP Coach session with officer - who passed the next classification without a problem!

Officer suffering from serious back and leg problems - exhausted all force support including attending Police Rehabilitation Centre twice.

PFOA provided funds for hydrotherapy and additional physiotherapy sessions.

Please note:

All requests for support will be considered by the trustees. Each request will be decided on its own merits. The PFOA is not a replacement for private healthcare. Whilst we will take a view on any request for assistance, we will not fund private care such as Physiotherapy, MRI Scans etc unless there is clear evidence of hardship or where OH and NHS services are unacceptably delayed. All requests for counselling and Coaching will be dealt with by a contact officer. We will contact you within 48 hours or sooner to arrange support. This includes all close family members.