Many Police Officers during the course of the career will at some stage receive counseling as a result of work related incident. The PFOA has spoken to officers and their families about their particular experiences with various counsellors.

Most of us will receive the normal in house support from our Forces, and will be mandatory referred to the appropriate OH Dept (if you have one!) That may be fine for you, and indeed most officers its fair to say 'tick the box' with regard this process, as they are keen to get back to work as soon as possible. But what about the long term? what about your loved ones?

When the PFOA looked at this aspect of support we wanted to cater for the long term support. We also wanted to include the families of officers, and give them a choice of where they can go for support. What is not acceptable is to send officers or their families to a local NHS Hospital, or to the force OH where others are queuing for hearing tests and various other appointments.

We have spoken to several partners of Principal Officers who have not been able to speak with their own GP about getting some support due to anonymity issues relating to their partners incident. We will ensure our members and their families get the best support when they need it, promptly without any fuss.

We have a number of counselling support services available to us. If you or your family need some assistance contact the PFOA office, we will listen to your concerns and put you and your family in contact with our specialist, discreet counsellors.

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