A Post Incident Manager is called in whenever a Police shooting occurs. They are usually from the same force as the officers involved. They would vary in rank but would normally be an Inspector or above. Their role is to act as an interface between the officers and the investigators. They would be expected to look after any welfare issues for the officer(s) as well as facilitate the needs of the investigations and ensure that the integrity is maintained at all times. They would also:

1.    Liaise with the Initial Investigating Officer (Police) and Senior Investigator (from the Independent Investigatory body)
2.    Liaise with Police Federation Reps and Lawyers
3.    Introduce themselves to the officer(s) involved and explain the post incident procedures.
4.    They would normally take more detailed information from the Team Leader about the incident, and update investigators and firearms commanders.
5.    They will remind officers about not conferring and discussing the incident prior to any note writing.
6.    They will make arrangements for officers to shower, change and have refreshments as and when necessary.
7.    Make a detailed log of their actions.
8.    Monitor the officer’s welfare throughout the investigation.
9.    Work with the IPCC / Professional Standards and Police Federation to ensure the investigation is open and transparent with the utmost integrity.