Red Snapper Learning (RSL) is recruiting a team of trainers for an overseas deployment to assist in training an international police service


The deployments will be for a 17-week period commencing from late September, early October with a one

week rest in the middle of the deployment. You will have the opportunity to fly back home for the one week

rest period. The training to be provided will be a range of core policing skills and attributes such as personal

safety and fitness weapons training and core skills, (legislation and law for example)

To be considered

You will need to be from a police or military background and have had delivered training. Ideally you will

have a recognised training qualification. However, applicants which can demonstrate a background in

delivering training, whom have not attained a recognised training qualification, will be presented with the

opportunity to attend an adult education BTEC level 3 course supplied by RSL at no cost to the applicant.

(This pre-deployment training will take place in September).


The trainers will work a 5-day working week for which they will be paid £556.00 per working day.

Flights from Heathrow and full accommodation will be provided in modern style apartments, (separate

rooms with kitchens, washing machines and other facilities), in a dedicated secure compound.

Further facilities within the secure compound will be available such as a swimming pool, spas, shopping

centre and coffee shops. In addition, a high qualify Wi-Fi service will be available at no additional cost.

To apply

Interviews will take place at our Yorkshire, Midlands or London offices, subject to convenience. To find out

more please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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