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Police Officer sets up charity following the suicide of his Nephew

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A serving West Midlands Police Officer and his family have set up a charity after his nephew, Cameron took his own life in November 2014 aged just 21.

Cameron seemed very happy at university and was planning to do a masters course but secretly suffered from depression for seven years.

Cameron didn’t seek help and no one including my family or his friends, knew that he was suffering. This has devastated my family and we are trying to stop this from happening to anyone else.

To mark Cameron’s life we established a Memorial Trust in his name. One objective the charity has is to encourage people who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for help.

One way we have achieved this is by producing and distributing personalised drinks mats called Cameron’s Coasters which contain help line numbers specific to the organisation.

This has been very successful throughout numerous colleges, universities and schools. West Midlands Police Federation and the West Midlands Police region of the Superintendents Association have both supported Cameron’s Coasters and these have been distributed to their members. 

The charity is looking to increase our locations where Cameron’s Coasters are being displayed and used to help people going through difficult times. 

It is a free service as the trust pays for the design, printing and distribution of the mats which are all personalised to the location and community.

To date we have sent out over 360,000 coasters to a number of  locations.

For more information and to order some coasters for your organisation  Cameron Grant Charity

Information and samples of coasters are example of coasters

The West Midlands Police Federation wrote 2 articles regarding Cameron’s Coasters in their magazines. West Mids Federation magazine

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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

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