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Armed police ‘being sent to save heart attack patients’ amid NHS crisis

  Armed police are reportedly having to attend to people having cardiac arrests due to a national shortage of paramedics. With the NHS facing its...

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Chief Constables pledge support for Police Covenant

Chief Constables from all 43 Home Office forces in England and Wales have today (14th July) pledged their support for the Police Covenant which was re...

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Vicious assaults, traumatic sights and how Merseyside Police stop their officers breaking down

  Frontline police officers in Merseyside  Police deal with some of the most frightening or traumatic incidents imaginable on a daily basis....

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Firearms amnesty launched to keep dangerous weapons off the streets

Britons are being urged to hand over illegal firearms and ammunition during a two-week gun amnesty. Weapons handed in during previous amnesties have i...

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Armed police deployed across South Yorkshire after "explosion of violent crime" and threat of terrorism

Armed police were deployed more times in South Yorkshire last year than at any other time in the last decade, as the number of armed officers reached ...

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Officers 'put off' from becoming elite marksmen

Some recruits drop out, fearing how they could be treated following a police shooting, Concerns over the way armed police officers are often treated i...

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Duty officer must be able to track outside firearms officers at major incidents, says review

Duty officer must be able to track outside firearms officers at major incidents, says review Chiefs agree that introducing capability is ‘crucial’ and...

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Chiefs to pursue options for probationers to carry Taser

The National Police Chiefs’ Council has supported proposals for selected probationers to be able to carry Taser after completing a rigorous applicatio...

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Growing calls for development of a police reserve

London politicians, Fed branch chairman and special staff association all in favour of retired officers working a few hours a month There are growing ...

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Police feel undervalued and underpaid, poll suggests

Morale is low among three in every five police officers, a survey by the body representing rank-and-file officers in England and Wales suggests. The P...

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NPCC to review the national armed police response in light of the changing threat

At the quarterly meeting of Chief Constables Council, held over the last two days, chiefs discussed the role of armed police and Taser in protecting t...

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Police chiefs to consider arming beat bobbies with pistols

The controversial move could overturn Britain’s proud tradition of routine unarmed policing. The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) will meet next...

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Welfare priorities for a ‘service on its knees’

More than half (60%) of officers say that there is insufficient time to deliver a service to the public that they can be proud of, which is causing mo...

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Terror threat: UK upgrades armed police response

BBC - Britain is upgrading its armed police response to terror attacks, with £114m to fund an extra 1,000 armed police over five years. What cap...

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Experienced firearms officers should get pension incentives not to retire

 Police Oracle -Idea is being explored at highest level, and one chief explained why he advocates its introduction Police chiefs are explori...

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Sara Thornton: 'PIP must reflect support our officers deserve'

NPCC Chairman, writing exclusively for Police Oracle, says balance between full investigation and fair treatment of armed police officers must be...

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Police face shortage of armed officers

The Sunday Times - A police chief has warned for the first time that forces will fail to meet the government’s pledge to increase the number of armed ...

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