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Survey show police officers prepared to be armed


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SIX out of 10 South Yorkshire Police officers would be prepared to be armed on duty, a PFEW survey has shown.

South Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Zuleika Payne says she thinks the stat shows that officers are feeling the strain of the more aggressive and violent environment they are having to police in.

In the survey 61% of South Yorkshire Officers said they would carry a gun on duty if required, indicative of the harm they are increasingly exposed too Zuleika said.

“They are all too aware of the times we are in, the potential threats to them and to members of the public,” she said.

“It’s about their desire to be successful in their mission to serve and protect the public and it’s an interesting fact which demonstrates the strength of feeling out there about this.”

The traditional view of unarmed British Police on the streets may have to change in the future she added although routinely arming police is ‘not something anyone would want to see.’

“Society is changing, and policing is having to change with it,” she said.

“I don’t think any of us want to see a future where we have to routinely arm British police officers but the risks they are becoming exposed to these days mean we might see a change in that view in the future.”


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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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