Post Incident Procedures (PIP) Seminar

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Post Incident Procedures (PIPs) carry so much importance in the worlds of firearms and operational policing, such is the nature of any incident classified as a death or serious injury.

It is essential that Post Incident Managers, Federation representatives, solicitors and other stakeholders, have access to the latest learning and thinking, as well as hearing first-hand accounts from practitioners and from experts in their field.

This year's Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) PIPs seminar will take place in Warwickshire on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 October.

The theme of the seminar will go ‘Back to Basics’ and the agenda topics will include Novichok – the aftermath, Time limits and the impacts of lengthy investigations, death in custody and the Sean Rigg case.

Simon Chesterman - NPPC 

Armed policing has experienced unprecedented change over the last decade, and so have the procedures to ensure accountability, support the search for the truth and protect the welfare of officers and staff, National Police Chiefs’ Council Firearms Lead Simon Chesterman told the Police Federation of England and Wales’ (PFEW) seminar on Post Incident Procedures (PIPs) today.

In particular, he noted that the days when Post Incident welfare support for officers amounted to ‘sticking the kettle on and having a chat about football’ are gone.

Of the 15,000 armed operations carried out last year, police discharged their firearms in just 15 cases, including in resolving terrorist incidents.

Simon praised the restraint shown by officers in dangerous situations, and the quality of the training they receive to deal with life and death incidents, but he called for further training for all officers on gathering best evidence and dealing with trauma, to prepare them for the thorough and independent investigation that rightly follows a Death or Serious Injury (DSI).

Simon told the seminar that he believed they were letting frontline officers down by not extending best practice, learned from armed incidents and the evolving Authorised Professional Practice (APP), into other areas of policing. He called for every officer and Federation rep to know the APP guidance inside out, and for further training to be provided for all officers on PIPs.



Officer suicides averted by Welfare Support Progra...

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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