Police chief hits out after a policewoman was viciously assaulted as she arrested a sex attacker


The constable was kicked in the head as she rescued a terrified woman

A  police chief has hit out after a hero rookie policewoman was viciously assaulted as she arrested a sex attacker in Market Harborough.

Rob Nixon, deputy chief constable of Leicestershire Police, vowed that violence will not be “tolerated” after the brave officer was injured during the drama.

The courageous constable was kicked in the head as she rescued a terrified woman from offender Phillip George, 42.

She was praised by Judge Robert Brown as he jailed George at Leicester Crown Court for two years four months for the brutal attack.

The policewoman has only been in the force for 12 months and it was already the fifth time that she’s faced frightening violence, the court heard.

Now DCC Rob Nixon has told the Harborough Mail: “The officer in this particular case was grabbed by the wrist and kicked to the back of the head while trying to apprehend a suspect.

“While she was thankfully not seriously injured, it’s an assault that never should have happened and one which I am sure will have a lasting effect on her.

“As has been said recently, across the country a police officer gets assaulted on duty every 20 minutes.

“This is not something anyone should be subjected to when they are there to protect and serve you.”

The senior police officer vowed: “Violence in any form, whether it’s towards members of the public or my colleagues, will not be tolerated.

“We will continue to do all we can to support those officers who are subjected to assaults by the public and put those responsible before the courts.”

George, a key worker at a residential care home for the elderly, targeted his victim in her own house in Market Harborough after drinking over a litre of vodka.

The heroic officer heard the woman’s terrible screams for help and immediately went to her aid – despite being by herself.

She suffered concussion after she was kicked on the head by George but still managed to arrest him during the fracas.

George, who used to live in Market Harborough but was of no fixed address, was jailed after he admitted sexually assaulting a woman in the town on Tuesday June 30.

He also admitted two charges of assaulting emergency worker, the woman constable and a police sergeant who was spat on.

George was put on a restraining order banning all future contact with his victim as well as being jailed.

 Harborough Mail

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

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