PFOA backs federation calls for Taser for all officers

Taser X2 PFOA
Mark Williams, chief executive officer for the Police firearms Officers Association (PFOA), says the PFOA has “always supported the PFEW stance on Taser” and that in an ideal world every officer would carry one.
“With a year-on-year increase in assaults on police we believe every officer should be suitability equipped to perform their role, and therefore be given the best opportunity to defend themselves,” said Mr Williams.
“While there is inevitability a cost implication it is justified given how much it can cost for an officer to be off work due to an injury on duty.
“It is important that the public recognise that Taser is not a replacement for good policing skills, including negotiation. However, when an officer is faced with a serious threat to them they need the right tools for the job.
The PFOA has opened its membership to Taser officers, not least after seeing officers who have discharged Taser subjected to protracted investigations much like firearms officers.
“This can have a serious impact on the officer themselves and indeed their family,” added Mr Williams 
“ Many Taser officers will go on to be firearms officers, so it’s important for the PFOA to play a role in preparing these officers should they wish to volunteer to be firearm officers."
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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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