New taser is safer, easier and brings greater accountability


New latest generation tasers are being introduced in Lincolnshire to help protect front line officers and the public.

From this week 212 new TaserX2 devices will be rolled out across the force to replace the current model. The new Home Office-approved device has a raft of features that will improve safety and accountability:

TASER X2, which replaces Taser X26, goes faster and further; it has a range of 25 feet compared with 21 feet.
TASER X2 is safer and easier; Whereas the TASER X26 would have needed re-loading, the X2 has a second cartridge ready to go which will enable officers to more effectively and more quickly resolve potentially dangerous situations where an additional cartridge is required.

TASER X2 allows more accountability; what is effectively like a black box on an aeroplane, each weapon will capture and store data that can be downloaded for analysis. The enhanced range of data available surpasses the level of data available from the X26.

Officers authorised to use tasers undergo rigorous training with an initial course of four days, covering the law around how Tasers can be used, decision making, human rights and the considerations required for any use of Taser.

This is followed by two further days within every 12 months to test and refresh their skills and provide updates in terms of legislation and lessons learned from across the country.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones welcomed the introduction. He said, “Around half of our response officers are trained to use Taser and it is a tool which can help and support officers to serve their communities while keeping them safe from harm. Having that tool, especially for many officers who are often single-crewed, is the best possible way to achieve that objective.

“However, we are not complacent and ensure our equipment and training is right up to date. This state of the art technology means we have the most advanced and developed equipment to enable operational officers to do their job in the most effective and safe way possible.”

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West explained the importance of safety and accountability. He said, “Our Taser trained officers undergo rigorous training in how to safely, lawfully, and effectively use the devices and that will be no different with the new ones. Having a Taser can mean the difference between a dangerous situation being peacefully resolved or not as it provides another tactical option officers can consider.

“It is an indispensable piece of kit, especially considering the unique nature of our large county of Lincolnshire, where our officers often find themselves out and about on duty alone.

I want to ensure our officers can quickly and safely deal with incidents so they meet the demands placed upon us, while also ensuring the public receive the highest possible level of service, therefore keeping them as safe as possible.

“We will ensure that our officers are trained in the use of the Taser X2 to the same high standards as they have been in the past and that our auditing processes are as stringent as ever. These devices are another way of keeping officers and residents of Lincolnshire safe.”

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Thursday, 22 October 2020

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