Legal Proceedings involving officer W80


PFOA - CEO Mark Williams 

Today’s court of appeal ruling has the potential to have far reaching implications not only for Authorised Firearms Officers and those officers who choose to carry Taser but wider policing in general.

 It will have a damaging effect on serving armed officers and those who are considering a career in armed policing.  

The impact on the welfare of officers and their families will also be far reaching and should not be underestimated. 

We already see the devastating consequence some investigations have on the family unit. Today's ruling may well have put policing back many years.


Police Federation of England and Wales’ firearms lead, Steve Hartshorn, who  supported  firearms officer  W80  throughout the legal proceedings, said: “PFEW  wants members  to be treated fairly, professionally and within the scope of their training and the laws they are ultimately accountable to.

“Naturally we are disappointed  on behalf of our 120,000 members  with the outcome.

 We will now review our legal position and  examine what this  means for  the  officers we represent and the impact it  will  have on  protecting the public and themselves.” 


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Friday, 22 January 2021

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