All British police officers should carry guns, say CoventryLive readers


More than 4,400 people voted when we asked the 'should all UK police officers carry guns on duty?'

Every British police officer should carry a gun, according to a Facebook poll of CoventryLive readers.

More than 4,400 people voted when we asked the 'should all UK police officers carry guns on duty?'

On the CoventryLive facebook page more than 3,200 people voted, with 58 per cent agreeing with the question, while the remaining 42 per cent disagreed.

The poll on the Nuneaton News Facebook Page attracted 1,200 votes with 57 per cent in favour and 43 per cent against.

Every UK police force has a firearms unit, but regular officers only carry Tasers and batons.

Only three UK forces routinely arm officers - the Ministry of Defence Police, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary who guard civil nuclear facilities, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

As well as the votes, there were also more than 170 comments in total, a selection of which we've posted below.


Carol Iverach : It’s a tough one but the way crime is taking over in UK right now I would be inclined to say yes.

Becky Chappell : I think they should, especially when idiots are carrying knifes and other weapons around.

Brian J Vines : Yes it would be a deterrent but the shockingly corrupt legal system we have would find an excuse to send the officer to prison for doing their job, just look at soldiers.

Liz Plumb : Yes! Too many youths carrying guns, knives. Why should the police be up against them unarmed.

Dorothy Wakeman : Yes all police officers should be armed like in Spain.

Joanne Bambi Maher : To be honest abroad you see police with guns and think nothing of it.

If, and it's a big 'if', if we gave our officers guns would it provide the general public with a sense of safety? Or would it denigrate the UK into a version of the USA.

We are surely not naive enough to think weapons can be accessed by anyone fairly easily as the violence proves.

The problem is not arming the police it's the lack of police numbers and the fact that they are reduced to doing social work rather than policing and being able to lawfully apprehend and not being disrespected by the kids knowing they cannot be touched!

Would I feel safer? Yes.


Mary Courthold : No just more police officers!

Bronia Zms : No I would feel less safe if there were more guns on the streets.

Hayley Ward : Don’t need guns we just need more police! It’s very rare now to see police walking about or even driving about unless they are on a call.


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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

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