support meeting pfoaWhen we receive a request for support one of our 'contact officers' will contact you within 48 hours or sooner. They are serving or retired Police Firearms Officers. They will decide how best we can support you and refer you to one of our counsellors or coaches. Thats it! no fuss, no delays just prompt professional assistance. Remember this is for you and your close family.

All our counsellors have there own practices, and are carefully selected by us.

They understand what you do.

Our Coaches are all serving or retired Police Firearms Officers. They will visit you at an agreed location (your home if you want) and provide specialist  support.

So we can:

1. Arrange private counselling for you and your family. Fully funded by the Association.

2. Arrange PFOA NLP Coaching sessions to help cope with the pressure associated with traumatic events. All our Coaches are experienced serving or retired police officers.

3. Provide financial support where necessary.

4. Arrange for you and your family to meet with other officers and their families that have been involved in similar incidents. This will be done privately and confidentially at a suitable location funded by the Association.

                    Support, advice and friendship at a time when you and your families need it most.


*Please Read the not so small print!

All requests for support will be considered by the trustees. Each request will be decided on its own merits. The PFOA is not a replacement for private healthcare. Whilst we will take a view on any request for assistance, we will not fund private care such as Physiotherapy, MRI Scans etc unless there is clear evidence of hardship or where OH and NHS services are unacceptably delayed. All requests for counselling and Coaching will be dealt with by a contact officer. We will contact you within 48 hours or sooner to arrange support. This includes all close family members. Financial support is not for settling debt, it is to compliment support we are giving to you or your family ie: travel costs, childcare etc.  For further details please call us on 01354 697890 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.