Our Aims and Objectives




  • The PFOA is a non-profit making and non-political Association.


  • The PFOA is funded by member subscriptions, fundraising and donations.


  • The PFOA is a support Association for firearms officers, ex firearms officers, other officers of any rank involved in police firearms operations and their families.


  • We work alongside the National Police Chiefs' Council, The College of Policing, The Police Service, Police Federation, Superintendents Association, Civil Nuclear Federation, Defence Police Federation, British Transport Police Federation and The National Crime Officers Association.


  • When requested we will assist a member and his/her family.


  • We aim to support and reassure our members following a work related incident, or other situations that have affected them or their families.


  • We will use our vast network of contacts nationally to assist our members should they and their families wish to meet and speak to other officers involved in similar incidents which have caused distress or worry.